Heidi + Hayden

Good things happen in the prairie.

Heidi is my dear cousin. We both grew up in Illinois, and here we both are, transplanted into a small Kansas town. It’s been fun watching her relationship with Hayden grow over the years. And it was even more fun taking their engagement photos last Sunday.

Never let those haters hate. That Kansas sunshine is pure gold.

IMG_9146 IMG_9159 IMG_9164 IMG_9170 IMG_9178 IMG_9181 IMG_9193 IMG_9223 IMG_9229 IMG_9233 IMG_9240 IMG_9247 IMG_9252 IMG_9256 IMG_9264 IMG_9283 IMG_9296 IMG_9303 IMG_9304 IMG_9310 IMG_9316 IMG_9324 IMG_9336 IMG_9347 IMG_9352 IMG_9357 IMG_9361 IMG_9362 IMG_9375 IMG_9397 IMG_9408 IMG_9411 IMG_9418 IMG_9420 IMG_9424 IMG_9428 IMG_9430


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