Jenna and Kevin

A couple of weekends ago, I headed to Goshen, Indiana to take photos for my cousin’s wedding. Again, my cousin, Jenna (older sister of Heidi, the bride in my last post), is part of my Illinois family. I basically grew up with this fun, purple-loving girl. I was delighted when Jenna and Kevin asked me to take their wedding photos. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful space with beautiful people. IMG_1508IMG_1507IMG_1508IMG_1528IMG_1538IMG_1545IMG_1561IMG_1565IMG_1574IMG_1576IMG_1582IMG_1602IMG_1615IMG_1617IMG_1621IMG_1624IMG_1632IMG_1640IMG_1648IMG_1652IMG_1661IMG_1665IMG_1666IMG_1674IMG_1681IMG_1689IMG_1729IMG_1743IMG_1784IMG_1790IMG_1806IMG_1818IMG_1891IMG_1896IMG_1902IMG_1909IMG_1915IMG_2002IMG_2027IMG_2075IMG_2084IMG_2151IMG_2174IMG_2190IMG_2195IMG_2212IMG_2270IMG_2272IMG_2326IMG_2392


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